Our cycle – contraception?
Totally different
Living the dynamics of love

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Finally, we´re expecting a baby

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My cycle and me -
Being a complete woman

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Being a complete man -
NCR (= Natural Conception Regulation)
from the man´s perspective

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premenopause -
without fear. Never boring

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More than an alternative to contraception

You want to reliably determine the fertile and infertile days in your cycle - Prof. Rötzer's Natural Conception Regulation (NCR) shows you the way.

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You want a child?

Cycle records show you the best fertile period. When your desire for children hasn't yet been met yet this may be an important basis for diagnosis and targeted therapy.

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Everybody can learn to do it.

Whether self-study, course or a personal consultation - search for your personal way to learn the NCR by Rötzer, internationally known under the heading "Natural Family Planning" (NFP)

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