The desire to have children


The natural conception regulation (NCR) allows the woman to recognize in her cycle both fertile and infertile days. Couples can use this knowledge to fulfill the desire to have children or to avoid pregnancy.

Even today, many women do not know the process of their cycle in terms of fertility and infertility.

Good cycle records enable the determination of the best fertile time.

Women were able to  recognize their personal fertile days and thereby reach the desired pregnancy simply by the study of the book "Natural Conception regulation" by Prof. Rötzer.

If a couple wishes to have a child,

it is usually a very important decision for both

and connected with joyful anticipation.

The importance of personal observation of the cycle of the woman

Dr. med. Rudolf Ehmann

  • when trying to conceive

The cycle records provide clues about the normality of a cycle, but also about deviations from it. It is important to consider the personal cycle of each and every woman. Because the cycle of women can’t be squeezed into the scheme of a textbook cycle of 28 days. Thus, on the one hand short cycles with normal high temperature level may be as fertille as long cycles with normal high temperature level. Taking this into account, one can avoid unnecessary and often hasty additional costly investigations and treatments. The mere knowledge of the fertile period, in particular by observing the cervical mucus, has very often led to the occurrence of a pregnancy.

n the other hand, a significantly reduced high temperature level can serve as an indication of luteal insufficiency  .

The cycle observation is essential, indeed it is the basis for the evaluation of infertility.


  • Calculating the date of delivery

An important aspect is to determine the date of delivery, which often is problematic when there is late-ovulation combined with long and irregular cycles. In this case, the Naegele's rule fails. However, the time of conception can be accurately determined with the help of cycle records. This avoids unnecessary medical inductions of labor with the risk of prematurity. This has its relevance even in the age of the ultrasound.

Unfulfilled desire to have children

The first step for women with an unfulfilled desire for children is to have a good cycle record.

The desire to have children can only be called unfulfilled until 12 cycles have been observed unsuccessfully.
After prolonged, unfulfilled desire for children there may arise - whether addressed or just considered in the heart - a lot of new challenges. Men and women look at this from different perspectives and handle this situation emotionally in different ways.

The institute of natural conception regulation offers a wide network of counselors and courses to learn the way of life of NCR and to optimally use this knowledge when trying to conceive i.e. to show other necessary steps.

Prayer for those who desire to have children

for the LORD has you
in his hand in such a way,
in which you don’t have to
back up on your own safety

because God loves you!

Hildegard von Bingen

 Some time ago Lisbeth and Pepi Weinlich, the persons in charge of the regional group in Vienna of the Institute for natural conception regulation (INER), launched a prayer chain to life. Those who want to endorse the concern "unfulfilled desire to have children" in prayer,are encouraged to join. Addressed are the affected themselves and all those who want to pray for them.

This prayer has the motto of the scriptures "Ask and ye shall receive; knock, and it will be opened to you." (Joh 16:24) and "Father, thy will be done!" (Mt 6:10). Thus the conflict is adressed, on which our prayer is based: On the one hand we have the confidence that God fulfills our requests when we pray in the right way to him. For him nothing is impossible. On the other hand, we also want to recognize that God has a plan for us from the beginning and he knows much better than we do what is good for us. Therefore in prayer our readyness should grow to llisten to God and accept what he has lovingly prepared for us.

Those wishing to participate in the prayer, contact us by mail to the address below.

We cordially invite you to pray with us!

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