Being a complete man

The man who lives with his wife the lifestyle of NCR is intimate with her cycle process. He gets to know his wife on additional levels. He can actively support her within the NCR and take responsibility even with the number of children. If she doesn’t take artificial hormones for contraception, she remains safe from unwanted side effects. Here, we as men have a special responsibility for our women. Even the environment is safe from artificial hormones that are already measurable in the water. The woman accepts her nature as it is. Her fertility is not manipulated or interfered. This strongly promotes the sustainability of love which is confirmed by the low divorce rates throughout people who live by NCR. It's nice to live to the rhythm of her cycle together with my wife!

In the "men’s brochure" I want to present the NCR from the man's point of view.

This brochure"Ganz Mann sein" can be requested at the INER regional offices.