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Should some authors in Apps refer to Prof. Rötzer, his book or his method, we point out that so far  INER e.V. - as the legitimate current holder of the exploitation rights of the lifework of Prof. Rötzer – did not approve any app of this kind or with these specifications. However, the association is currently working on an own app.

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Parents Project "Tief verwurzelt"

The parents project “Tief verwurzelt” was from the beginning in close cooperation with the
INER Prof. Dr. med. Rötzer e.V. and is therefore promoted as a project of INER.


European Organisation
INER iis a member of the European organisation IEEF/EIFLE.

  • European Institute for Family Life Education -
  • Documents and scientific articles for natural conception regulation
    A link directory compiled by the European organization.