Joke corner

A little humorous story told by Dr. med. Vera Kaffanke:
It was inthe early 90s. For a long time I tried very hard to explain the people the difference between conception regulation and contraception. It was pretty hopeless, since exactly the same thing could be heard everywhere, no matter by whom. The most absurd expression I not infrequently heard was: natural contraception - "Of course, I want to to prevent pregnacy (Editor’s note: wordplay in german)" As I "fought" for good explanations, something happened unexpectedly. On the road I was stopped by a man of our parish, with whom I had talked briefly about natural conception regulation. Slightly uncertain he asked me if the Pope have banned the "natural contraception". I guessed where it came from and asked where he got this question. "Was on TV the other day!" Me: "I haven’t seen it, but what comes out of the TV, one can easily forget" (He later got a letter about the Pope and NCR from me). Of course, I had stumbled across "natural contraception"; I told him therefore why this term is like a "slap in the face" for me. He was obviously confused, because he is a utterly polite man. And all of a sudden – I don’t know why, how this came to my mind and I still don’t know it today - I asked him: "Before the pension, you weren’t a policeman, were you?" He said yes, though obviously still irritated. "You have stood at the main junction at our place, before there was the light?" “Yes.” He still didn’t know where this was heading. Me: "Did you have prevented or regulated the car traffic?" Then, his face lit up, because now, it was plausible enough for him.