What is NCR?

Natural conception regulation is a way of life which makes it possible to pursue a pregnancy or to avoid it and can be lived in the entire fertile life of the woman. NCR is based on the scientific fact that in the female cycle fertile and infertile days can be reliably determined.

Some advantages of NCR:

Positive attitude towards one's own body

The woman experiences a positive attitude towards her body through better getting aquainted with herself and the knowledge of the process of her cycle. Women express this often as follows: "The course of my cycle is part of my being." The knowledge of the cyclical processes in a woman leads to greater self-acceptance and a more conscious experience of womanhood.

This knowledge contributes to the inner peace of the woman. This calmness is a prerequisite for experiencing a fulfilling sexuality.

Understanding the language of my body

Cycle observation has its significance long time before its use for conception regulation and goes far beyond. It concerns every woman, in whatever stage of her life she may be in. More and more girls discover their physical change as a fascinating occurrence, with which they can accept themselves better. They formulate this exploration of their own cycle process like this: "I'm learning to understand the language of my body.”

Optimal reliability through decades of research

During the course of more than 50 years of research and through experience with thousands of married couples Prof. Dr. Rötzer was the first in the world to develop a procedure known as “sympto-thermal method", which is classified in the medical textbooks with the highest level of reliability. A medical information brochure with references can be found here:
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Healthy - natural - cost saving - environment-protecting

NCR has no negative health side effects, is inexpensive and easy to use. Physicians also agree that this is the healthiest form of birth control. For economists NCR stands for saving medical costs by eliminating all harmful side effects of contraception with all the consequences of these side effects. And for the environmentalist NCR stands for environmental protection by eliminating the pollution of the environment, especially of the water, by the hormones of contraception.


Getting to know the cycle process of the body strengthens the self-confidence to make one’s own decisions. On the issue of conception regulation, the NCR leads to independence from the doctor and medication. Regardless of the surrounding infrastructure NCR proves to be a way of life that can be lived all around the world, be it on the 10th floor of a skyscraper or in the mud hut in the bush.

Suitable throughout the years of a woman's fertility
  • Acquiring knowledge in girlhood
  • during regular and irregular cycles
  • after childbirth
  • during breast-feeding
  • during menopause
Discovering together the biological rhythm of the woman

Men and women are different. Only women have a cycle in which fertile and infertile days alternate. Being aware of the cycle together the language about sexuality and the relationship improve and grow.

The way of partnership

If both partners take this path together, they also share responsibility, and it is the way of both of them. Man and woman are talking about the fertility rhythm of the woman and  this leads to a dialogue, which includes the area of sexuality. Mutual trust and respect grow and can have a positive effect on other areas of marriage.

American and European studies confirm that the divorce rate is only 3% when couples were using NCR to live a responsible parenthood.

Book - Dynamik der Liebe. ›

This way of life promotes the conversation, mutual appreciation and offers especially in the periodic abstinence opportunity for creative tenderness.

"Natural family planning is nothing more than self-control
out of love for each other"
"Natürliche Empfängnisregelung ist Selbstkontrolle aus Liebe"

- Mutter Teresa, Nobelpreisrede 11.12.1979 -