The future belongs to the natural conception regulation! Want to learn more?

To promote natural conception regulation the Institute for Natural Conception Regulation Prof. Dr. Rötzer e.V. (INER) was established in February 1986.
We currently have offices in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Austria,
Poland and Switzerland with the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Our goals

Results are published and the practical applications of the NCR is spread to all classes of population, namely:

  • on the basis of Prof. Dr. Rötzer’s developed, firstreal sympto-thermal method (published 1965)
  • including all known ways of natural conception regulation,
  • on the basis of a Christian sexual ethics

Our tasks

  • Courses for beginners and experienced
  • Advisory services for personal inquiries
  • Systematic training and planned continuing education of women and men who are willing and able the pass on the knowledge
  • annually international INER Congress
  • Publishing periodic information such as INER messages or annual summary reports for those members who wish to support INER ideologically and financially through its membership fee
  • Collection and analysis of cycle records for practical application
  • Documentation of technical literature
Acquisition of membership

Member of the Association may be any adult person, every couple or any association who is willing to support the association's goals or at least to ideally promote them. Membership is not tied to any particular age group or denomination. A special collaboration through active service is not necessary. The members are distinguished between "ordinary" and "qualified" members. To be accepted as a ordinary member, it is necessary to be willing to support and promote the stated association goals. Qualified member can be those, who have especial expertise and experience in the field of NCR. This proof shall be regarded as given for example if a candidate has acquired an appropriate certificate from the Institute. Members affirm the principles of Christian ethics and thus the right to life from conception until natural death. The admission of a candidate is decided by the executive board.

Rights and obligations of members

Each qualified member is authorized to participate in the decision-making process in the association through the exercise of the right for proposal, discussion and vote at general assembly. Ordinary members may attend the general assembly and rise to speak within the frame of the meeting agenda. All members receive periodical information. If a contribution is to be paid at INER-organized courses etc., a discount is granted to all members. The acquisition of a certificate after completion of an appropriate training is only open to members and is coupled with no additional costs.

Membership Application

Please direct your membership application of one of the following addresses.

Bundesrepblik Germany:
INER Jörg & Evelyn Hartmann, Lange Straße 27, D - 01900 Großröhrsdorf
Tel +49 -. (0) 35 952/56 663
E-Mail: INER Germany

INER Elisabeth Rötzer, INER - President, Vorstadt 6, A-4840 Vöcklabruck,
Tel + 43 -. (0) 76 72-23364
E-Mail: INER Austria

Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein:
INER Walter and Kati Gabathuler, Mühletobelstr. 63a, CH-9400 Rorschach
Tel. + 41- (0) 71- 85 55 503
E-Mail: INER Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

Italy Alto Adige:
INER Margreth and Hans Lanz, lane 2, I-39010 Gargazzone
Tel: + 39 -   0473-29 23 21
E-Mail: INER Südtirol


Membership fees / donations

Minimum annual membership fees for ordinary and qualified members:
€ 45.- per person or per couple.
€ 100.- for associations.
On request, the contributions will be reduced or waived in exceptional cases.

If you are able to contribute more, this would mean a significant help.

For our members in Germany, it is possible to grant a direct debit authorization
A form is available at the regional office of Germany.

For account data for each country, please refer to the membership application form

Bank / Postfinance bank details for donations:

We give thanks for every donation. With that, you considerably support our charitable work!

Kreissparkasse Biberach
Account no. 1494, BLZ 654 500 70
IBAN: DE15654500700000001494

Oberösterreich Bank AG
Account no. 6100-010840, BLZ 203 20
IBAN: AT12 2032 0061 0001 0840


Giro account no. 90-20525-0
IBAN CH27 0900 0000 9002 0525 0

For further information please